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Hello GalaxyVArchive fans out there , Long time no see and posting, I was so busy since I finished my examination on December 2015. So in today post Im gonna tell you guys something about GalaxyVArchive gonna be.

First of all, I want to tell you guys that I have ditch my old Galaxy V to a new device, That mean, I don't use Galaxy V anymore, I sold my old Galaxy V about two days ago and move into a new devices that more better than Galaxy V. Now Im using Samsung Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100 and running Cyanogenmod 12 ROM with android 5.1.1 Lollipop.

Of course Im personally sad because turn into a new device. I have a lot of good memories with my Galaxy V especially when this archive was created and you guys keep supporting my blog and fanpage from "zero to hero" .

I have made lot of development for this device such as Custom ROM, SystemUI MOD, Tweaks, Guide and so on. But everyone knows that using Galaxy V with Single-Core Processor and only 512MB of RAM doesn't make Custom Running smoothly on Galaxy V, It cause many issues like bugs, force close and my favourite LAG.But I keep doing Custom ROM even know that ROM will not run smoothly and share it with you guys because I want you guys don't feel bored using a same TouchWiz looking on your Galaxy V and have fun with it.

The main reason why I create this archive is I wanna help Galaxy V users out there easily to find something about their devices and Im happy if I can help.

Changing device doesn't mean that I will stop posting , I will continue posting on the blog BUT not developed by me. Im just sharing others people work and will give them proper credit.

So I think this is enough for this post, I really thankful to all of you who keep supporting GalaxyVArchive (y) , You all are the best :D , Without you guys, Im nothing :) , So, Thank you very much ;)

below screenshots are my new devices :) , But Galaxy V and GVA fans are not forgotten in my mind ;)

-HyekalHiTech (y) (y) (y)

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