New Virtual Keyboard from i-Tech, Read Here

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Information : New Virtual Keyboard from i-Tech, Read Here
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New Virtual Keyboard from i-Tech, Read Here

Everybody uses keyboard every day. However the keyboard has not changed for several years now. You still get a piece of plastic with buttons on it. Besides, they are all big and take too much space. My office is not that big so I have to manage my space in there.

There are some flexible keyboards that can be rolled up however they still come as a piece of something with buttons that is not really small. Besides, you will not take your keyboard with you to a vacation. The i-Tech Company has created a gadget that is totally different but it is a keyboard. The trick is that it does not look like a keyboard until you turn it on. Besides, it has the Bluetooth technology built in to communicate with your computer.

It looks like a box covered with leather which makes it look presentable. What this gadget does is that it projects the keyboard on to the table. However, you have to be attentive here: the desk has to be as flat as possible in order for it to work properly. You just put it on the table turn it on and install some drivers to your computer and it is ready to work. You have to have the Bluetooth on you computer though. When you turn it on it projects a keyboard onto the table and you can type just like you would do using a regular keyboard. There is no speed loss in typing when you start using this gadget. It uses the Bluetooth technology so it has no wires to be connected to the computer. That makes it perfect transportable keyboard.

You can be writing something sitting on the sofa by the computer instead of sitting on an uncomfortable chair. A cool thing about this gadget is that it is compatible with almost any device that has Bluetooth built in. I have a palm PC from Dell and I have tried to connect this device to it. It really worked and now I can type and control my palm PC with help of this keyboard. It is very convenient because now I do not have to take my Laptop with me when I go somewhere far. It is a very handy device.

Its bottom is weighted so it is somewhat stable besides I was even able to use it in my car while my wife was driving. It has a lithium rechargeable battery and is charged form an AC outlet. I think that this is an ultimate gadget keyboard made by i-Tech. After I bought this gadget I have thrown my old keyboard away because it is more convenient to use this one instead. However, when I take it with me my wife cannot access to the computer and therefore I had to buy another one so she has one too. It is really fun having such a nice gadget and I advise all of my friends to get one too.

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