New iPhone 5 Release Date and Features and Specifications of iPhone 5, Read Here

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Information : New iPhone 5 Release Date and Features and Specifications of iPhone 5, Read Here
Full article : New iPhone 5 Release Date and Features and Specifications of iPhone 5, Read Here
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New iPhone 5 Release Date and Features and Specifications of iPhone 5, Read Here

The iPhone 5 is a magnum opus without a doubt. It is set to change the way the smartphones play their game. Apple has not released one iota of information about iPhone 5 specs as yet, but with the help of rumors that have surfaced through some very possible claims, we have summarized the entire iPhone 5 phenomena for you. Here’s it:
Rumors are running high all around. Just like it happened when the world awaited the iPhone 4 release, rumors are running about in every website that you could think of. iPhone 5 is already a phenomena that is sure to take the smartphone market by storm. As usual, it’s an Apple product and Apple’s devices have always caused such a huge flutter of activity in the market even before they get released officially.
iPhone 5 features are much touted to change the way smartphones would function. Improved interface, greater Near Field Communications, much better gesture-based controls and such startlingly new technologies are rumored to be figure in the iPhone 5 features. Even if half the news that we hear about iPhone 5 turns out to be true, then we sure have a rocker smartphone in our hands.
iPhone 5 Concept

iPhone 4 to iPhone 5
So how does the iPhone 5 compare with the iPhone 4? Experts say that software-wise, iPhone 5 is a minor update over iPhone 4. Most notable areas of change are the hardware parts, the processor and the way iPhone 5 lets you sync your work. The iOS is different on both the devices and that is probably as far as it can get. The signal issues that iPhone 4 has would probably be removed totally in the iPhone 5 design – that was one huge problem Apple was facing.

Popular websites that keep us in-tune with iPhone 5 feature rumors and news seem to unanimously agree that the iPhone 5 would boast a slimmer design than the iPhone 4. Being wary of the glass display and the glass back of the iPhone 4 – because of its brittle nature – features of iPhone 5 could very well have an all-metal look with a stronger and stolid display. This might also reduce the chances of the signal problem we found in iPhone 4.

But the details are not in these minor information. The original crux which would attract people is in the details of the processors, the camera, and many other relatively new things that is expected in the iPhone 5 specs. Let’s take a look at each of these clearly and also find out the possibility of their occurrence in the iPhone 5 when it is released.

iPhone 5 Specifications – Part One – the Hardware
Every product that Apple has come out with, has had a very strong sense of elegance. Even the latest iPhone 4 had this very cool look and professionalism. iPhone 5 is said to be thinner, slimmer, stronger and most appealing in terms of size.

All-Metal Body? Perhaps, with the problems faced in the iPhone 4′s display, the glass make is about to go out. The back panel might be metallic, making the iPhone 5 an all-metal phone with a strange rumor about the glass being totally different from that of any smartphone.

The curves are most probably back in the iPhone 5 specs. It might no longer be a close square cut like the one we found in iPhone 4. Also impressive is the fact that iPhone 5 would have a larger display area of about 4 inches.

So far, here are some of the things we have been hearing all too often, to think that they could be true to a large extent:

Curved Glass / 3D Display – Okay, the 3D display might be a far fetched idea, but the possibility of the curved glass design might be quite true. Apple recently bought about 300 special glass cutting machines and that was reported by DigiTimes. If that was true, then surely Apple is onto something with its iPhone 5′s new glass display.
  • 8 MP Camera with Dual Flash – Unimaginably for Apple, it has not yet offered 8 MP cameras on its devices while Samsung and HTC have already come out with their own 8 MP cameras already – way too early for Apple. The iPhone 5 would be an answer to this. Or so we think. An 8 MP camera with dual flash on the rear means higher resolution pictures, greater quality and most notably, greater quality in low-light pictures where the red-eye occurs. Of course, we need to keep our fingers crossed for the iPhone 5 specifications to have this.

  • A5 Processor – Of all features of iPhone 5, one of the finest thing we believe is the processor. Apple has finally relieved its A4 processor and brought in a dual-core processor that fires up its iPad 2. If iPad and iPhone 4 had the same processors, then it is quite logical to assume that iPhone 5 and iPad 2 would have the same – the A5 processor dual-core for enhanced performance. This is a very sure rumor as far as we know.

  • More Gesture-based – No Home Button – Oops! No home button? Well, yeah, quite possibily. Apple has moved to improved gesture based controls through its iOS 5. So it is quite possible that the home screen might be dropped for enhanced gesture-controls – one large interface change in iPhone 5 specifications.

  • Storage and RAM – the features of iPhone 5 is more likely to have an improved RAM of 1GB to go with the dual-core processor. The RAM was 512 MB in the iPhone 4. The storage too might have a chance of increase. Some rumors said it was 64GB this time, but there are some people who say that Apple could very well – considering the wide range of devices, the iPhone-PC or iPhone-Mac sync – do away with the internal storage thing!

Part Two – the Software
One thing that has always stunned experts is the way Apple brings changes to its software. It is sometimes very subtle where you expect it to be huge, and hugely stunning where you expect it to be subtle. Most experts feel that after the recently concluded WWDC – where iOS 5 and iCloud were the topics – there could be no great change but for these two, in the iPhone 5 specifications. Well, that may be true to a large extent, but only a final release of the iPhone 5 will tell.

Here’s again a list of things we could be looking for in the iPhone 5 specs.
  • iOS 5 – A brand new phone and a brand new OS. The iOS (formerly known as iPhone OS) featured since the days of the iPhone 2G. These are very popular times of the iOS 4 but that is soon set to change. IOS 5 has been announced officially. The way it works is through gesture-based controls more than button taps. Perhaps that is why people suspect the lack of a home button in the iPhone 5 features. Design-wise too there are quite a number of changes and enhancements in iOS 5 which was released in the WWDC held this June.

  • iCloud – We just had the release of some beta apps with iCloud enabled in them. ICloud is the next big thing according to Apple. It is all about sync and nothing more – sync done right. Usually sync is where you had to connect devices and take further steps – for instance, iTunes. But with iCloud all that work is done with a simple tap of a button – the iCloud button. From within iCloud enabled applications, all you need to do is tap this and your document, photo, contact, bookmark, calendar or whatever gets pushed to all your other Apple devices with the iCloud equipped!

  • HD Video Recording and HDMI Output – In sync with the iOS 5 features, there is a strong possibility that iPhone 5 comes with HDMI output and most certainly with HD video recording. iPhone 4 had HD video recording already and iPhone 5 might either have the same or an enhanced version of it.

iPhone 5 is rumored to be released in October. There has been no official word on iPhone 5 as yet. Not even its existence or development has been hinted at by anyone from Apple. But we all know. That was how it was with iPhone 4 too – of course, we had a prototype leak back then. But still, iPhone 5 is on everyone’s lips. It is just a matter of time before we see the magnum opus from Apple with all its bells and whistles!

Release Date Continuation...
iPhone 5 Concept

 iPhone 5 Release Date might be most buzzing topic among tech geeks.  Each day is rising with a new rumor or a speculative guess about iPhone 5 launch date. CNET UK, a top internet review site for electronics, has grabbed attention of the techies posting update on iPhone 5 release date.

According to CNET UK, iPhone 5 release date is likely to be October 2011. We guess this is the first exact date prediction about launch of the next generation iPhone.

What is the reason behind releasing iPhone 5 in October?
Apple recently announced iOS 5 at WWDC 2011 which is packed with new cool features, including Android’s drop-down menu style notification.  iOS 5 will be released in the autumn, more specifically in  October. Furthermore, Apple brings new generation iPods and iPod Touches in September. However, according to CNET UK, iPods are not enough glamorous to bring iOS 5 into the world. iOS 5 and iPhone 5 both will be the perfect platforms for each other.

That is the reason why we are expecting to see iPhone 5 release with iOS 5, in the autumn.  We already assumed that Apple doesn’t want to release iPhone 5 until iOS 5 is completely ready which is somewhat similar to CNET UK’s prediction. Here is what we predicted.

Why CNET UK has assumed Wednesday 7 September 2011 as the iPhone 5 launch date? Since 2005, Apple has been launching iPods in September on the first Wednesday after Labor Day. There were some exceptions in the past, though the Wednesday has proven Apple’s a regular favorite day.

Well, what do you think about this prediction? Do you believe iPhone 5 will be released on 7th September 2011? We would like to hear from you in below comment box!

Following are some of the iPhone 5 release date updates which we come across from time to time through reliable sources.

Update (22 August): Last week we heard a rumor that Apple’s iPhone 5 would be announced on  the 7th of September, now according to Kara Swisher from All Things D, this rumored launch date is incorrect and the iPhone 5 will launch in October.

Update (17th August): Is Apple planning to release much awaited iPhone 5 on October 7? Recent report also suggest that Apple will start pre-orders for next iPhone on September 30. Find out more details.

Update (11th August): One of the guys at ZAGG has posted iPhone 5 unboxing video. Is it fake or real? Check this out here.

Update (1st August): Is Apple set to launch iPhone 5 in October? Here find out what a new reliable source, All Things D says about iPhone 5 release date.

Update (28th July): Is iPhone 5 release date set to 5th September? Here find out more about what recent report says from Italian iPhone blog.

Update (28th July): According to the China Times, Apple is all set to launch iPhone 5 in the second week of September with an opening order of 4 million units. Find out more
Update (6th July): As per the recent report from DigiTimes is claiming that Taiwan based manufacturer, Pegatron Technology has received order of 15 Million iPhone 5s from Apple. Here is more on that.

Update (1st July): Another report from DigiTimes claims that iPhone 5 release date should be somewhere in October. According to DigiTimes, Taiwan-based companies have begun to prepare components for the production of the iPhone 5 along with iPad 3 for an October release. Check out more in details.

Update(29th June): Another iPhone 5 rumor says that Apple may launch iPhone 5 (probably iPhone 4s) in September. Click here to find our more on.

Update(14th June): According to 9to5Mac, next generation iPhone reaches to its final stage of testing for September release. Click here to find out more in details.

Update(10th June): Apple didn’t reveal anything about iPhone 5 release date at WWDC 2011. Find out why?

Update(6th June): What’s Samsung got to do with the iPhone 5 release date? Here’s news on how this might affect iPhone  5 launch date.

Update(5th June): Is iPhone 5 release date affected by battery supply issues? Recent reliable reports suggest that Apple’s appointed manufacturing plant of lithium ion batteries shut down due to recent quake in Japan. Find out more in detail.

Update(4th June): Brian White, an analyst for Ticonderoga Securities has analyzed that Apple is going to release iPhone 5 in September 2011, not at WWDC. Check out what Brian White has analyzed.

Update(17th May): Here is again a rumor about iPhone 5 launch date. In an exclusive talk with,  a sales representative from UK based retailer Phones 4U said that iPhone 5 release date is moved to 21st November 2011. Here is further details.

Update(6th May): According to latest news, an AT&T customer representative confirms that Apple has informed AT&T not to expect the iPhone 5 in June or July 2011. iPhone 5 launch date may be pushed to September. Check out AT&T representative words about iPhone 5 release date.

Update(13th April): Here is again rumor that iPhone 5 release date is scheduled to September 2011 or early 2012. According to press note by Avian Securities, Apple’s next gen iPhone 5 should go in production in July and will be available in September 2011 that leading us to predict that iPhone 5 will not hit stores till late 2011 or early 2012.

If you are equally excited as me for iPhone 5, then following features could be major reason to wait for stunning iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 Features  at a Glance:
  • Storage Capacity: Apple is offering 16 GB and 32GB iPhone since 2009, so apple is aware this it would be hard push iPhone 5 without having 64 GB of storage. iPhone 5’s lowest model will come with 32G of space and 64G of memory.

  • Signal Strength: Unlike iPhone 4, iPhone 5 is not having signal issue, as they are offering the strongest signal strength of any iPhone model ever even the best of any Smartphone to ever come to market.

  • Face Recognition: The new iPhone 5 will have Face Recognition for Security sake so that you don’t have to worry about other people stealing your phone and trying to use it.

  • Thickness: All three iPhone had thinner bodies than the previous model so the iPhone 5 can be the thinnest yet & much nicer overall body design of the phone.

  • Longer Battery Life: iPhone 5 will have Up to 14 Hours of Talk Time On The 3G and 7 Hours on the 4G.

  • Video Chat: Video Chat on a 4G network instead of a slow 3G one

  • A5 Dual core processor: For Outstanding Video Quality Apple May Introduce A5 Dual Core Process with iPhone 5

  • Screen: Shatter Resistant and Scratch Resistant Screen

  • Built In GPS: You’ll never get lost or have to download one of those stupid GPS apps.

  • iOS 5: It is much anticipated that Apple will introduce iPhone 5 with latest iOS 5.

  • Surprise: As the tradition of apple iPhone 5 will also unveil some surprise features.

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