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Information How it all began..., Read Now

I had a long talk with a friend of mine today on how to actually go about things in your life when you want to achieve what you desire and he gave me this superawsome photo which made no sense whatsoever :D but then he explained it to me and I found out that most of the things i've been doing and the time i've wasted trying to work on things would have been saved if i had understood the image.

Ahh.. am not going to go into entire explanation but a short snip of out chat should be good enough
Mr. XYZ: if u look at a million black hat videos
listen to lot of pplz
read 3137 paperz u already have 10 ideas
and like all
so u got to use the pic on each of the ideas
EG: so if its android api hooker developement,u got to start the pic top left
Why Android api hooker?
if that answered?
rather think...Why am I doing any of this? whats my goal?
then kuch answer comez
then What? - android hooker
How? - How to implement this?
with what? - what t00lz? etc etc which u know zilch abt
The problem is u and me and a lot of ppl ignore 1st 2 phases
and jump to 3 and 4
u got to hit 1,2,3,4
1 2 3 4
1 2 3 4
again and agian PER PROBLEM until..until the answer is...fuck I hate ths...or this is NOT a solution u stick with that problem  
else loop
n u always in a circle

See this makes sense :D .. i wonder why did i not think of it ;) .. ohh well the guyz awsome ... just like his thinking :D .. So am just gonna follow the diagram and see how it goes ;)

Last time i tried something like this was when i started with Mobile security.. I had the "why" and found the remaining 3 parameters well in time and did pretty well if i look back at it ;) .. so from now on i'll try and apply this "cycle" to most of the things i do and hopefully i can save in on some time and efforts in the long run.

Oh btw not setting any deadline for any of the topics i take or any topic i cover in this blog because i have not always been too fond of deadlines and i feel it lowers your thinking capabilities when you actually try to balance time and quality .. oh well .. i suck at maths so i'd rather not try and make a complete time plan anywayz :D

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