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Information : This Information [TUTORIAL][TIPS] How To Speed Your Galaxy V- Read Article
Full article : This Information [TUTORIAL][TIPS] How To Speed Your Galaxy V- Read Article

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This Information [TUTORIAL][TIPS] How To Speed Your Galaxy V- Read Article

Hello everyone and have a happy weekends , We meet again :) . In this post im gonna share with you guys some tips and tricks on how to speed up your Galaxy V. This gonna be a long post and take your time to relax. Please take a note in this post we gonna use some complication tweaks , various apps. and stuff like that. So please do your backup to be on the safe side, And remember Always Do With Your Own Risk (DWYOR) , Galaxy V Archive will not responsible if any damage happen on your device. So lets begin !


Install a complication of Tweak.

What is Tweak ? Im gonna give a simple explanation of what Tweak means.

Tweak is a script on Android that has been develop by many Developers from Xda Developers and so on, This script contain a like a "magic" to control your performance and stabilty on your device by making a changes of your system.

Requirements to install a tweak

Here's a some Tweaks from Xda Developers which I found the most used ones. Check out links below. This also provide you a installation guide on each tweaks and how to activate it and check it. So please READ ALL THE THREAD, If you don't read ALL and something happens to your device, I will laugh at you :p hahaha,

[MOD][TWEAKS][SCRIPTS] XTweaks V2.0 (07-28-2014)
[SCRIPT]XForce™ Gaming DXT-7110(Version 1.3) | 02/05/2014
[DEV] ◢ Pure™Graphics HD + Rendering Version ◣ | Enjoy your graphics
[SCRIPT][GAMERS] Hyper Cola Package Installer 1.6
[SCRIPT][UPDATED 01.26.14] Enable Ram Swap & Create a Swap File with |=~>SwapItOn
[TOOLS][ZIPS][SCRIPTS] osm0sis' Odds and Ends [Multiple Devices/Platforms]
[MOD] Blend Booosted™
| SCRIPT | Blazing Thunder[Jb/Ics/Gb] [ More Speed|| Much Less Lag]
* MOD * 08/14/13 * Direct Injection v3.2.6_r4 * Entropy * Cpu Tuner * Ram Boost
Scripts | 12/22/2013 | Team Kernelizers | Operation Killjoy™ | Stable 3 | Insanity
[TWEAKS][CWM+AROMA] Codename LightingBolt [2013DEC21]
[MOD][TWEAKS][2.3+] |NxEngine| Increase your android performance
☠ [APK][Tweaks & Mods] █ PIMP MY ROM █ BETA v1.0 {Any Device // Any Rom} ☠
[GUIDE] Disable CPU Rendering [UPDATED 9/28/2013]
[MOD][APK+SCRIPT+ZIP] Enable Init.d for Any Phones w/o Need of Custom Kernels!!!
[TWEAK][SCRIPT][MOD] ✪ TweakDrypT™ V4.1 Get the most out of your Android [11/02/14] ➳
[RC10] ULTIMATIC RC7T6![EXE]-=Ultimate Jar Power Tools=- w/Maximum MultiTasking Mods!
[SCRIPT][2014/02/27|V13 INTENSITY]EF™ --- New Version ---
[MOD][TWEAKS] ThunderBolt! v3.1.1 3/25/13 [Performance+Battery Life Mods & Tweaks]
[V6BD63457] Since I've Been SuperCharging You... I'm about to lose my bashing mind :P
[MOD] CrossBreeder - Lag-/Entropy+/DNS+/Tether+/Ads-/Censors-/.bit support!!
[ SCRIPT | TWEAK ] ◢ Project Fluid™ ◣ | 20.10.2013
★ [MOD] ◢ PurePerformances™X ◣ | Golden Edition | Scary performances on Android
[MOD][TWEAK]VulpiX V3.1 (updated 6th Jan 2014)
[MOD][SCRIPTS] Velocity 7 | Memory Management | Entropy Modulation | DNS Caching
[CWM][SCRIPTS][TWEAKS] Adrenaline™ Engine | STOCK/CM 4.5 | 22/10/2013
[MOD][SCRIPTs][TWEAKs]Fly-On Mod™V4.0 Beta6/Feel The Smoothness!/Upd:15/01/14
added 05.03.2014
[SCRIPT][2.3 - 4.4] Reincarnation Engine v.2 | The Most Minimal Script | 05/03/2014
[Script][V3.1] ~SmartFluid~ == To Boost Your Android
[SCRIPT][2014/02/27|V13 INTENSITY]EF™ --- New Version ---
Apps for performance settings(governors,io sheds,cpu settings)
[APP][ROOT][4.0+] Performance Control - Open Source
[16-02-2014][APP] H~Tweaker
[APP][>= 2.2] CPU Adjuster
[APP][Jul 20th][1.28.2] "NoFrills" CPU Control: configure cpu frequencies & governor
[APP][2.1+][CPU Spy Plus][v0.5.60] CpuSpy Plus by realgpp
[APP] [2.2+][ROOT] GLTools v1.05 (graphics optimizer) 02/06/2014
[APP 2.1+] Android Tuner
[APP][ROOT] Trickster MOD [Kernel Settings and Tweaks]
[APP][2.1+] System Control | All in one application
[App] S Tools+ , CPU frequency,Sensors,Color Picker
[TOOL][APP][Andromizer][4.2.8] Android Universal Tools.(Settings,Tweaks,Tools,TWRP..)
[MOD][TWEEKS]Dash-Mod|The Most Clean Tweeks|
[MOD | TWEAKS] Gentleman Set v4.0 - Simple optimizations for your device!
[MOD] MaliveBooster™ Amazing performance on your android device
[MOD][v1.10][2014/05/02]XMD Optimizer || New Version || A Lot Of Improvements


Choose ONLY ONE ! , You can't try all tweaks together !
If a links is not working, Its because the developer close the thread.
Its up to you to feel the changes and the performance on your Galaxy V.

Done with tweak, Lets move on to the next step

Tips #2

Disable Animations.

If you have enable Animations you gonna see some fancy animation while you enter or quit after using app, Pop up animations and so on, Animations can make your Vivalto slow and take much time to enter an any apps, To speed up your Galaxy V , Animations must be turn OFF (Highly Recommended) . Follow the very simple steps below to disable animations.

  • Go to your Settings
  • Go to your About Phone and tap on Build Number 7-10 times untill you see "Developer mode has been enable"
  • Go back to your main menu of your Settings and find Developer Options (above About Phone)
  • Scroll down untill you see these 3 options.
    "Windows Animation Scale"
    "Transitions Animation Scale"
    "Animator Duration Scale"
  • Change all these 3 options to "Animation Off"
  • Done
Now you disable animations, You can feel it is more faster now to enter the app without load up fancy animations.Maybe this is a small improvement but is very helpful. Lets go to another steps !

Tips #3

No Live Wallpapers.

My next tips is to stay away from Live Wallpapers because they also slow down your Galaxy V little bit. As we all know, Live wallpapers has some nice looking and great effect but it can slow our device because its have a lot of animations running on the same time and its running on your background so its can drain your battery and consume your RAM. If you want a faster Galaxy V,Im highly recommend that you use a simple wallpaper.

Tips #4

Uninstall apps that you don't use

To have a faster Galaxy V. Im always keep my device clean from not usefull apps because as you may know some apps maybe run in the background so it can slow your Galaxy V and draining your battery.So please always delete apps that you don't want to use it anymore,Remember ,Less App , Less RAM Consume. You can feel your device getting faster and much better than before if you keep the usefull apps on your device.

Tips #5

Remove Bloatware.

This steps is basically the same reason like on Tips #4 . But this steps we gonna go in deep way.So let me give a simple explanation about Bloatware.

Bloatware is a system apps that have been integrated in your Galaxy V Stock ROM such as Hangout,Line,Gmail,Google Plus and so on ,System apps also can run in your background and consume your RAM and your battery. By default, We can't uninstall this apps because this is a system apps, But if you have a ROOT permissions, You will be able to delete system apps with simple steps. Lets begin with the steps on how to uninstall system apps. As I said you need a rooted access. If you don't know how to root your Galaxy V. Simply press the link below

To install system apps you also need an app that can modify your system like Root Explorer,etc

  • Download and Install Root Explorer,Open it
  • Go to your system/app. From here scroll down and find what app you don't want to use anymore (Delete With Caution, Not all apps you can uninstall) . If you get a prompted message to mount R/W just choose yes.
  • After you have done with system/app, now navigate to system/priv-app and delete what apps you don't want to use. (Delete With Caution, Not all apps you can uninstall)
  • Done with system/priv-app , Now just reboot your phone and you will not see again what apps that you just delete
Delete With Caution
Not All Apps can be uninstall
Wrong delete system apps can cause a bootloop.
If you using a Custom ROM , Some bloatware has already remove by the ROM Developers.

Tips #6

Using a Task Killer App.

Also . I like to include using a Task Killer Apps also a good way to prevent your apps running in the background and its also helps you prevent consume your more battery usage. Im personally use a Task Killer on my Galaxy V , Im using an app called Gemini Task Killer Widget free on Google Play Store. This apps is very light and so simple interface. Basically this app is a widget on my Home Screen , When I tap on the widget, Its clean my RAM with easy and fast. Im highly recommend to you guys check out the app now. Gemini Task Killer Widget. Also if you don't like this one, You can also use a another task killer app from Play Store such as Advance Task Killer and so on. All task killer apps on Google Play is still the same function but only different interface. Check out this app

Tips #7

Using Greenify.

If you don't know what Greenify is, Greenify is an app that allows you to hibernate apps that running in the background, Google for more Info.

This apps help you to have a so much to have a free memory and this app also can keep your Battery life last longer than usual. Check out this app on Google Play, Free and paid version. Im using a free version.

Tips #8

Using apps that control your Entrophy to reduce lag.

What is Entrophy ? Google it for more info. This two apps is too complex to explain about, but its remove lag.Apps that I wanna show you is the best app that I use since Im using my first Android Device Samsung Galaxy Y, and Im personally like this apps so much because its control my entrophy and reduce LAG on my Galaxy V. Apps that im talking about is Seeder and SeFix . This two apps basically have a same way to control your entrophy. I like both and Im use both on my Galaxy V. Check out these apps below. You must have a root permissions !


Its up to you to feel the performance changes on your Galaxy V. For me it is 10000000% perfect and working flawlessly.

Tips #9

Replace Your Launcher

In this tips , I highly recommeded to you to replace your Stock Launcher with others launchers that avalaible on Google Play Store. Why we need to replace the Stock Launcher ? Stock Launcher is basically just a normal launcher and its doesnt have special features that avalaible on custom Launcher avalaible on Play Store. Stock launcher also react about bit late and lag when you have a lot of apps Installed and this can make your Galaxy V slow. Im personally use a launcher called Nova Launcher, What I like the most in this Nova Launcher because its has a options to controll your Scroll Speed also Animation Speed. This can make my launcher respond very fast when I set the Scroll And Animation speed to "Fast" or "Faster Than Light" . The best feature that I like . Interested to use Nova Launcher ? Check this app on Google Play and its FREE

Nova Launcher Cick HERE

Tips #10

Clean Your Homescreen From Widget

Homescreen is the best way to give you beatiful look on your device but you may know that lots of Widget on your Homescreen can make your Launcher heavy and take some time to reload all apps and widget back after you in your homescreen.So to speed up your Vivalto, Just using a simple Widget or do not use widget more than 3 . It can slow down your device!

Tips #11

Turn off Auto Sync

Most of us ended up by adding a list by different account to our Galaxy V, and we allow them to automatically sync in the background to pull a new data and provide us with updates, All this syncing has a big impact of a performance also draining your battery.So its time to disable it!

  • Go to settings
  • And find auto sync under accounts
  • Turn it off and done
  • You can also tap to disable sync on your Quick Settings. Just swipe down to open your statusbar
  • Find sync toggle and just toggle it off
  • Done
Tips #12

Always keep your device up to date.

By keeping your device up to date, This also helps you out to increase your Galaxy V performance and some improvement on your Vivalto, So please check for updates and keep your device has a latest software installed.

  • Go to your settings
  • Scroll down into your About Device
  • Choose Software Update
  • And just check if update avalaible, If yes , Just update it.
You can do this if you already ROOT your Galaxy V.

Tips #13

Using Zram Scripts

Im already make a guide on how to swap your Galaxy V RAM using ZRam Scripts. Read below 

So guys , If you want to have a faster Galaxy V , You might need to follow this tips and you will have a Faster Galaxy V , This can help you a lot , If you have a questions just comment below, Share this post with your friend if you like it ! , Don't forget to like us on Facebook Page to stay connected. And as always , Sharing Will Improve Your Knowledge, I hope you guys like it and have Happy Weekend guys! See you in another post ! See yah !


Allah s.w.t
Nabi Muhammad s,a,w
All Developers that Create that tweak and apps .
Hyekal HiTech

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