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Information : This Information [ROM] UnNamed ROM- Read Article
Full article : This Information [ROM] UnNamed ROM- Read Article

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This Information [ROM] UnNamed ROM- Read Article

Hello everyone and Welcome to Galaxy V Archive , The best place to find about your Galaxy V !, Today I wanna share a custom ROM for you guys Called UnNamed ROM developed by one of the member's from Official Samsung Galaxy V called Ferdi Ansyah . Without wasting anytime, Let's check this out!

UnNamed ROM v1.0

 unnamed Rom v1.0 
===========Note : This Rom Without Smali 1.5.2==========

Features :

CHANGELOG (list of new features or fixes)----------------------------------------

### v1.0
* Rooted
* Deodexed
* Disabled signature apps
* ZipAlign Full Apps
* Android lollipop Theme (Wanna Be)
* Nova Launcher Lolipop Theme (Wanna Be)
* AOKP weather on lockscreen
* AOKP weather on systemui 
* Weather Icon in Status Bar
* Contextual Header UI
* Remodif SecSetting Style Lolipop
* FaceLock Apps* OtaUpdater
* Potato Clock* Pie Control
* System Font Chooser
* Rechange Rebooter Without smali 1.5.2 
* Rechange Lockscreen Without smali 1.5.2
* LProsesRunningView
* Network speed meter (ChameleonOs)
* Mi-POP* Android Lolipop Platlogo
* Remodif Recent Panel Lolipop (wanna be) 
* Multiwindow sidebar
* Omni switch* Custom boot animation Android Lolipop
* gallery and deskclock lolipop
 * Bloatware removed
* Fix external storage
* Heads up notification
* Framework L transition and Notification circle warna warni;)
* Lollipop Systemui And Biodata tab 2
* Dinamic Status Bar
* ListView Animations
* Emoji Lollipop Keyboard
* 100 + Costume Font in Setting
* Dropbox Port Note 4 
* CM 11 Clock (LockClock) 
* find out by your self.... (^_^)

Download :

ROM :                         Download Here
Changelog Fix :          Download Here

How to Install :

  • Download the two files given from the link above, And place it on your ExtSdCard
  • Boot into custom Recovery mode (CWM/Phillz/Twrp)
  • Flash The ROM zip file and wait until its complete
  • After complete installing the ROM, Next step is
  • Flash Changelog Fix and wait until its done
  • Once its done, Head into Advance and wipe dalvik cache
  • Reboot System Now
  • Done

Bluetooth text doesnt show up if you turn it on. But its working just text problem.

Special Thanks to Allah SWT and Nabi Muhammad SAW

Credits :
* Ferdi Ansyah 
* Cleverior
* Farkhan
* Ica Salsabilah
* Fmd Team
* Bang Bagger
* Maz Badri
* Jaya Nurcahyadi
* Eyang kakung Google
* CyanogenMod Team
* AOKP Team* Dev apkmultitool
* Adi Sukahadi
* Harry wirawan
* Hyekal HiTech
* Adam Hendrawan
* Ariel Alexandria
* Arjuna
* Irshal Mulhki
* MariaOzawa
* Grup Mediatek Android Art and Dev Reborn
* Dan kamuh.. pake HA.. iya KAMUHH..

Congratz. Now you have succesfully installed UnNamed ROM on your Galaxy V , Let me know another bug in the comment and I report it to the ROM developer . As Always , Don't forget to like us on Facebook and see you in the next one ! PEACE !

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