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Information : This Information [BLOG] REQUIRE NEW ADMIN- Read Article
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This Information [BLOG] REQUIRE NEW ADMIN- Read Article

Hello Vivaltorians, As you all know that I've already told in some post in the blog or in Facebook Page which I will take a big examination that will take place soon , So I rarely post an update for our Galaxy V in development or even apps or anything related items , So thats mean I will stop doing Custom ROM, SystemUI MOD , Fixing BUG , Read comments , or everything else until my tests is over, So in this post I'm looking for a new admin that have a time to post,share and everything good stuff to post on our Galaxy V Archive blogs. Below are the requirements that must be followed and adhered to if you are interesting to becoming the next GalaxyVArchive Admin :)

*You don't need to post as much you can, Take your time and post when you have a time to do it

*Have a basic blogging experince and managing Facebook page

*Know a basic things of Galaxy V
*Use ENGLISH languange because this is GalaxyVArchive international blog.
*If you wanna post something please use this bracket [.....] to make this blog contents neat to the eye
*Also if you make post, Don't forget to included a Label that already have such as Custom    ROM,Kernel,SystemUI MOD, Tutorial and etc , This make user of our blog easily to find anything    they want just by tapping on category
*If you are sharing a work from another people, Don't forget to put developer name on Credits.
*Know how to interact with people with nice languange
*Post on blog and share it to Galaxy V Archive Facebook wall at the same time.

That's it , Become an Admin doesn't mean you need to do a Custom ROM , SystemUI MOD or anything , It is enough if you can sharing another people work to our blog to share with everyone. BUT , if you are already developer and want to expand a development for Galaxy V , Its is good and BONUS :)

Interested ? Contact GalaxyVArchive founder down there!

Mohd Haikal (Hyekal HiTech)

Facebook : Mohd Haikal

Instagram : HyekalHiTech

Email       :      or

WeChat    : ID : CrowHyekal

Whatsapp : PM me on facebook/email/etc for phone number

Thats all for this post, I hope you guys can cooperate with me to developing GalaxyVArchive in order to go further and succesfull development, I hope this is a not last post by me, I will back once my examination was finished.Well, Im a student so I must give 100% concentrate for my study, This is for my future, I hope you guys understand me, From now I will stop developing and focused on my exam. I hope we will get a best new admin :) , Thanks for reading and as always, Keep Learning and Sharing, Sharing will Improve your knowledge, See you again after I finished my exam :) , Will miss you guys, See you soon! :D

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