New How to Flash/Unlock Your Mobile Phone, Read More

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Information : New How to Flash/Unlock Your Mobile Phone, Read More
Full article : New How to Flash/Unlock Your Mobile Phone, Read More
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New How to Flash/Unlock Your Mobile Phone, Read More

What is Flashing /Unlocking 

Flashing is installing a new firmware to a cellphone flash memory. When the cellphones firmware is being damaged or interrupted, this one particularly result on not powering the phone, hang up, or keep on restarting and a lot more software problem issues. This firmwares come with different versions.
Each mobile phones product has unique firmware versions. And also have specific software that to be use for it. If you have a basic computer knowledge is more advantage, but even if none you can still do and learn easily. What things do you need in flashing cellphones?
In flashing phones you need the following:
1. A desktop or laptop computer to run the software program, with a USB (universal serial bus) port.
2. Flashing Device - It is programmed circuit that can synchronise the mobile phone and the computer.
3. Flashing Software - this software is provided by the flashing device seller or even you can download it on the internet. Make sure you search for a compatible software before you download . (Here is a list of different software and download
4. A USB cable and a flashing Cable wire - this is the wire that is used to connect the mobile phones to the flashing device that also connect to the computer. This one is also provided by the flashing devices seller or you can purchase a pre-designed one. Every mobile phone products have different kinds of flashing devices used, and also have different methods and procedures.
5. Flashfiles and Firmware collection - this are the programmed data used in the phones.
6. Your phone's MEID and ESN,  they can be found underneath your phone's battery. The MEID will be 18 digits (starting with 2). The ESN will be 8 numbers long, or can be labelled PESN. 

After you have downloaded the software, then follow this steps:

1. Unzip the file you downloaded and make sure you have all the drivers in it, otherwise the process may not work. Install the software on your computer and open it after installation. 
The software will ask you what your original carrier was, what you're flashing to, and your phone's maker and model. (e.g, Samsung, Nokia, SAGEM.....) You will also need to choose between "half flash" and "full flash". 
2. Connect the mobile phone you want to flash or unlock. (Note: AT&T and T-mobile phones can't be flashed, because they are Global System for Mobile Communications. Only CDMA phones can be flashed.) The installed software will automatically detect the phone, or may ask you to select your phone, so as to be read. 
3. Choose "write".  Most software will have you select "write" and then ask you to confirm. After confirmation, it will proceed to get flashed and automatically reboot when successful. That's all. The steps are easy.

Note the risks involved!
1. You may damage your phone if you did not use the appropriate software, so check carefully. The risk still exists even if done by a professional. 
2. Any warranty given before will be voided. 
3. In some countries, it is illegal. So, know if the law in your country is against it. 

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