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This Information About Author.- Read Article

This is me ;)

Hello to all Samsung Galaxy V Archive Fans out there,Today I wanna introduce myself to my all blog viewers out there :) . After 16 post as "Anonymous Guys " without introducing my self, I feel so awkward to introduce myself right now and not at the first post hahahahaha, Okay lets know me :p

My Self

Im gonna start with myself bio, Maybe takes a long time to read it but its up to you :D , My full name is Mohammad Haikal b Mohd Hairman,Muslim, I live in the north of Malaysia,So that's why im not speak English very well because in Malaysia we use Malay as language preferrence.I was born at 28 February 1998 at Hospital Seberang Jaya at the north of Malaysia.I started my first study when i was 6 years old and I studied at Tabika Kemas near at my housing places.At 7 years old, I have continued study at my primary school called Sekolah Kebangsaan Seberang Jaya 2 in 2005 - 2010, Then Im continued my study at my secondary school called Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Seberang Jaya in 2011-now (2015), I have a 4 siblings, I was the second one :) , Im also know as Android HiTech on Xda Developers Forum and at this blog,I starting to developing for Android since 2013 until now, Im starting to start develop on Android Development when i was using my first Android device is Samsung Galaxy Y (GT-S5360), And now im using Samsung Galaxy V and no others :) . My father name is Hairman b Ibrahim and my mother name is Hamidah bt Ibramsah, They both are my spirit to every successfull moments on my life and I love them than I love Myself, Especially my mother,Without Mom, I am Nothing :'). I think that enought what you want to know about me :).

Why i created this blog ?

As you can see on my other post, You will know why im create this blog,For the main reason why I create this blog is because for helping Samsung Galaxy V user's around the world know better about their Vivalto devices.This blog can helps many Galaxy V user's or maybe another Android user to find about their devices in the right places without having a headache :p hahaha, We can find many things and cool stuff here about Galaxy V.As we all know that Galaxy V doesn't a subforum (until now) on XDA,So while waiting for that subforum,We can find it all about Galaxy V here.

The idea's

If you a Samsung Galaxy Y user's before you start using Galaxy V, You probably heard about GalaxyYArchive on Youtube,Blog,Facebook and others social media,So i take the idea's to create this blog like Galaxy Y have.Thanks to Mitko (One of the author of GalaxyYArchive) for giving me the idea :D.

How do you want to contact me ?

If you have any question or wanna have a live chat ? (maybe hahaha), You can contact me on :

My Facebook   : here
My Twitter :     : here
My Instagram   : here
Email Me          :

Lets have a live chat :) : WeChat ID : CrowHyekal (You can download Wechat On Play Store)

Gallery Pictures

Here, I leave you some pictures about Me,My friends,My school, and Others. Enjoy!! :D

Me And My Friends at Pulaza, For the School Camps, Memories <3

School camp again xD, At Perak,Birotata Negara camps :)

Having BBQ's dinner with my buddies.

During the handball training sessions at school.HAHAHA.

This is my primary school.Sekolah Kebangsaan Seberang Jaya.

This is my secondary school.SMK Seberang Jaya.

Okay guys i thinks this is enought for you to know me, If you have any question, You can contact me on Contact sections above or directly comment's here, That's all, Thanks for reading, Have a nice day and Nice to know you too ;)

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